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Dori Thomas Peaple is a Georgia native and has lived in England with her husband since March 2006. When Dori was growing up in the South, she probably never thought she’d someday be living eighty miles west of London, in the countryside, in a county called Wiltshire.

Writing and photography have both been Dori’s lifelong passions along with many other creative outlets such as watercolor painting and playing the flute. Blogging, she admits, is a much newer love. As a matter of fact, it was through Dori’s blog, that I got to know her.

When I first encountered Dori’s blog, her writing-style made me feel as if I had been transported back in time to my grandmother’s house in rural Alabama. I felt like kicking off my shoes and staying awhile, as I sipped ice-cold lemonade from a mason jar on her tree-shaded front porch. It was cool, relaxing and entertaining, all at the same time. Dori has a way of writing that can put you right in the midst of whatever she sees, feels or touches. Whether she’s writing about a peaceful park, a trip to the market, walking in the snow or the magnificent edifices in England, Dori’s strength as a writer and photographer are always evident.

Blogging since March 4th, 2008, Dori says she picked this day specifically because of the power she personally finds in this particular day. To her, the date of March 4th means to ‘march forth’ to whatever you desire, so she took it as a personal mantra as she began blogging.

The genesis of Dori’s blog came from a need to document her experiences of living in another land and to share whatever knowledge she could with others embarking on such a journey, as well as providing a window for people just to see what her personal experience is like. She’s had a number of expats who have thanked her for helping them to begin navigating the waters of living abroad. Dori says, “I’m very pleased to have helped. That is what I always want to do with my life … help whenever I can.”

Blogging has already presented Dori with many rewards, including being named as one of the 2010 Alive Magazine Women of the Year. You’ll find that her expat experience often permeates her writing and photography at her blog, From a Yellow House in England; however, she also writes about things that have nothing to do with being an expat. Sometimes you’ll find a recipe and her latest culinary attempt documented in full color, alongside an account of her adventures in London.

Recently, Dori completed the Freelance and Feature Writing course at The London School of Journalism, and received a Diploma with Distinction. She has contributed articles to the e-zine, Tango Echo, which have highlighted some of the architectural history and cultural history of England. Dori has placed twice within the top 100 winners of the Writer’s Digest Writing Competition, which annually attracts thousands of entries. She has had poetry published online and in anthologies also.

Dori’s beautiful photography is ever present on her blog, but she’s also had her breathtaking photographs featured in her well-written articles for Tango Echo. She has had a photo of the Great West Door at St. Paul’s Cathedral featured in the London city guide at Schmap Guides, which is a new generation virtual guidebook of sorts. She’s also had a number of photographs featured on BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) television as well as having photographs featured on the BBC radio website and in the regional newspaper, The Swindon Advertiser. Dori’s photography can also be seen on the website for the Alfred Williams Heritage Society, which highlights the works of Alfred Williams, who was an English poet of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Dori is currently working towards her fiction writing aspirations. She has two ideas for novels that she’s working on, one which is contemporary fiction and the other is a piece of fiction that pays homage to the ancestors … hers, and ours collectively. In the meantime, Dori is currently open to whatever further writing and photography opportunities that come her way.

To reach out to Dori, visit her website at or
Email: You can also reach Dori on Twitter: @ayellowhouse

Note: I’m delighted that our paths crossed. ~Jacqueline 🙂

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16 had something to say.
  1. Megan from Australia

    That was a lovely way to further introduce Dori. I visit her daily via entrecard and read her writings (I missed you Dori when you went home recently) but didn't know much else.

    I love what you do for women, Jackie and Spark Plug.

  2. alicia

    Visting Dori's blog is like a breath of fresh air. It is like listening to a good friend sharing her scrapbook and telling you of her greatest adventures.

  3. PYNTK

    "Like listening to a good friend ..." You're right, Alicia.

  4. PYNTK

    Hello Megan ... a lovely introduction for a lovely person. I've enjoyed her blog from the very first time I read it. Thanks for the compliments.

  5. Duni

    Great feature on Dori, and it's great to read more about her!
    I 'met' her through blogging and was immediately captured by her style of writing. We've been communicating through our respective blogs since 2008. I really appreciate her as a blog friend :)

  6. Dori

    Thank you Jacqueline and everyone at PYNTK for featuring me! I am so grateful :)

    Megan, Alicia, and Duni, it's so great to have 'met' you all through blogging. You ladies are the best! What you've written here means so much to me!

  7. PYNTK

    Dori, you're an excellent writer and a wonderful person. We wanted to shine the spotlight on you for your many accomplishments. We're sure there are MORE to come. Thanks so much for sharing your inspirational gift with all of us.

  8. Sharon Dennison-Bell

    As a former classmate of Dori's, I am so thrilled that you chose her for your article. She is a true treasure to our little piece of the world here in Covington, Ga. For those of you who have read her blog, she is in real life that incredible person that comes through in her writings and musings! Way to go Dori!

  9. Petula

    What a lovely write-up. I've been by Dori's place a couple of times and this is a great reminder to go back more often. Congratulations Dori on all you've accomplished!

  10. PYNTK

    @Sharon - Thanks for dropping by. I've lived long enough to know that for the most part, people don't change. So, I knew her writings were genuine. You're lucky to have known her all this time.

  11. PYNTK

    @Petula - Yes, indeed. Drop by her place again. I'm sure she'll be happy that you did. :-)

  12. RE - RecycledFrockery

    Wowww Look Who's Featured - It's Our DORI !!!!
    Wonderful Piece Jacqueline on a beautiful and talented Georgia Peach. I'm grateful like the rest of us peaches that she's sweetening up the UK. Dori and Jacqueline You Girls are the glue that binds us blogging sisters together. I'm so happy to have met and be able to spend time with the two of you. Isn't Blogging Wonderful (wink*wink) , And You Too Ms Alicia !!!

  13. PYNTK

    Yes, Blogging is GRAND! I've enjoyed featuring both Dori AND Alicia. They are two WONDERFUL people. Oh yeah, Dori's definitely making some outstanding contributions in the UK. Gooooo Dori! :-)

  14. Heidi

    Jacqueline thank you for this story on Dori! While I do not know her personally, I have followed her blog and loved every minute of it!! She is a genuine person with a flair for writing. She takes me overseas to the places and experiences I desire!!!!

  15. PYNTK

    Like you, I love Dori's blog and have loved it from the beginning. The authenticity is what drew me and kept me captivated. Transparency is so rare these days. I felt honored to shine the spotlight on her for her many accomplishments.

    Miss your energy, Heidi. Keep spreading joy.

  16. Brooke

    I love visiting Dori's blog and reading of her adventures. I had no idea that she received special recognition for her writing, but it makes perfect sense. Dori is a fantastic writer, who allows us to picture England through her writing.


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