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Atlanta native, violinist, jazz vocalist, and fitness fanatic, LaWanda Brokenborough is affectionately known by her clients and students as “Sgt LaWanda” for a good reason. With over 9 years of teaching group fitness full time, she demands the most from her clients and gives them just as much in return to help them reach their weight loss goals.

As a former couch potato and overeater, LaWanda knows all too well about the struggles of weight loss. She has weighed as much as 216 pounds. By exercise and healthier eating, she managed to drop the unwanted pounds and change her life. She encourages all of her class participants by letting them know that no matter how far from their goal they may be, it can be reached, and not only that, she leads them to success.

As the Founder/CEO of Aerobics Delivered (, Atlanta’s premier mobile fitness and dance company, LaWanda teaches an average of 32 group fitness and dance classes per week. You provide the location, she delivers fun, calorie-burning aerobics to your group, whether it’s a church, corporate setting, school, organization, etc.

LaWanda holds over 10 certifications. She stays busy by leading weight loss support groups for teens and adults, training/coaching other group fitness instructors and conducting fitness as well as dance choreography workshops. Ms. Brokenborough also lectures throughout the year.

You Can Burn 900 Calories in 1 Hour!

She is best known for her high-energy, calorie-burning, Zumba classes as well as her sexy exotic dance classes. Her self-choreographed Zumba classes allow participants to burn up to 900 calories in 1 hour!  LaWanda teaches other class formats, which include step, body sculpting, kickboxing, Turbo Kick, salsa dance, H20, Silver Sneakers, yoga, Pilates, boot camp, BOSU, cycling and Latin dance for kids.

If you’re looking for a fun way to burn those extra calories and watch the pounds literally melt away, call Atlanta’s Fitness Superstar, LaWanda Brokenbourgh at Aerobics Delivered. She brings aerobics to YOU! 1-877-697-6249

Look for Ms. Brokenborough in the next issue of People You Need to Know Magazine – Business Superstars Edition!

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2 had something to say.
  1. Petula

    Mobile fitness? That's fabulous. It's good to know that not only does she have the professional background, but the personal background as well. Good information and great profile.

  2. PYNTK

    In addition, Petula, she is a QUALITY individual.


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