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A few weeks ago, I started getting emails from people stating they could not find our company on Facebook. Of course, that was my cue to finally join and get established there. I could no longer avoid it.

I’m on Twitter, YouTube, Squidoo, FriendFeed, Skype, etc., but I’m still a big fan of the phone. Not the one with all of the fancy features, just one I can answer, say hello and hear a clear voice answering back.

While social media has its place, I still prefer a phone call from my friends and business associates. Yes, I’m old school.

For those who are still in search of People You Need to Know on Facebook, you can find us here. I look forward to meeting you at!

– Jacqueline 😉 770-460-5995

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2 had something to say.
  1. Megan from Australia

    Ummmmm...I still can't find you. The link takes me to the home page. What is your user name so that I can link up with you that way.

  2. PYNTK

    Hello Megan,
    Thanks for searching. You can reach us at I don't have a personal page, but the Publisher does. His page is :-)


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