Every Journey Requires Us to Change and to Choose


Deep in the recesses of every human soul, a mighty power is always at work. It serves as a constant reminder to press onward, achieve more, be more, give more.

Until we take the first step toward rearranging our lifestyle in a more positive way, this power will cause us to become as restless as a pregnant woman, held hostage by the piercing pain of intense labor.

Giving birth to positive change will not come without shedding old habits, some old friends, old fears, and old ways of thinking.

It will not come without tossing and turning, sometimes even crying a river of tears, or perhaps lying awake in the still of the night, staring at the ceiling, praying for answers.

Answers will come and positive changes will too.

Though often wrapped in struggles and disappointments, torment and rejection, heartaches and pain, sickness and suffering, weeping and wailing … still, they come.

Excerpt from Grow Through It & Lead

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