Quick Tips for Healthier Eating


Since most of us seem to be “too busy” to prepare a healthy meal, consider eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. During this season, you can find fresh fruits galore. Pack them for lunch or have them as a quick snack on a regular basis, and you’ll begin see and feel a difference in your body.


8 Easy Ways to Increase Your Fruit and Vegetable Intake

Eating enough fruit and vegetables is vital for keeping your body healthy fit, and at an ideal weight. If you neglect to eat enough, you are likely to gain weight, weaken your immune system, and feel generally under the weather. It can be hard to get enough fruits and vegetables, particularly when leading a busy modern lifestyle. Follow these 8 easy ways to get your fruit and vegetable consumption up to the recommended level.

1. Get a juicer. Fruit or vegetable juice is a quick and easy way to consume a lot of fruit and vegetables. You can purchase juices in a variety of different flavors, but remember to only get the ones that have the bits. If it has been too processed, a lot of the nutrients will be lost. You can even get a home juicer and control exactly what goes in.

2. Make your own muesli for breakfast, and ensure that you add lots of chopped fruit. This is a fantastic healthy way to start the day, and if done regularly, you will be well on your way to getting enough fruit in your diet.

3. Only snack on fruits. The sheer amount of variety of fruits available means you will never get bored, and fruit will provide everything you need from a mid-day snack.

4. Add extra veggies whenever possible, particularly in your sandwiches. Instead of just using ham and cheese, put some lettuce, tomato and cucumber inside too. Get creative with adding vegetables to your meals; every bit adds up.

5. Serve fruit-based puddings in the evenings. Everybody likes a sweet dessert, but this does not mean that your desserts have to be high in sugar and fat. Fruit-based crumbles or fruit salads are just as delicious and will satisfy your sweet cravings while adding to your total fruit intake for the day.

6. Make a variety of vegetable soups. Soups are easy to make, and can be made in bulk and frozen for easy access later. Soups are a great way to pack in lots of different vegetables and they taste great. This is a particularly good tip for getting children to eat more vegetables.

7. Try adding fruit to your main meals. This may sound unconventional, but adding dried fruits like sultanas and apricots to curries enhance the taste, and add to your fruit count for the day.

8. Start making fruit and vegetable-based starters. Chopped vegetables and fruits with dips make great starters, and are a novel way of increasing the whole family’s fruit and vegetable consumption.

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