Earthquake, Tsunami, Radiation Found in Food: Thousands Dead


More than ever before, technology gives us an up-close view of all the trouble, pain and tragedy that’s in our world. We don’t have to look far to discover human suffering at catastrophic levels. At this moment, I’m thinking of the people in Japan. Hearing the news and actually seeing the ferociousness of the tsunami left me feeling numb. I was speechless for a few days.

The destruction in Japan, along with the sad pictures of the bodies of Rwandans floating down River Akagera into Lake Victoria in Uganda, the Towers falling in New York, the calamities in Egypt or even after hearing some of the tragic stories on the local news are etched in my memory. These events all remind me of how frail we really are.

Of course, money is NECESSARY to repair much of the physical damage that has been done. But when it comes to mental, spiritual and emotional repair as well as support for the people who have experienced massive grief from the mayhem of war, earthly disasters, or the pure evilness of another … that’s something money just doesn’t have the power to heal.

So … what words do you speak to the victims who have experienced these kinds of tragedies? What words do you give to the person who has just experienced a massive earthquake, tsunami, thousands dead, tens of thousands missing and now radiation found in their food supply, in order to give them hope, help them to heal and also to soothe their soul? Those are some really tough questions. At times, the answers seem to elude us and at other times, there seems to be no concrete answers at all.

Sometimes, HOPE is all we have to cling to … even when it proves itself to be false, it’s still all we have. Please take a moment to view the video below.


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