Dr. Vintonné Naiden Graces 2016 Cover of People You Need to Know Magazine


Dr. Vintonne Naiden - People You Need to Know Magazine

Dr. Vintonné Naiden, the epitome of commitment, dedication and diligence, is the president of OB/GYN Women Specialists of Georgia, P.C. / Advancing Health & Healing, LLC. Her practice offers women gynecological services along with detox/purification, food sensitivity testing, memory enhancement, health through weight loss and IV nutrition to enhance well-being.

For more than a quarter of a century, Dr. Naiden has steadfastly catered to the health needs of women in metro Atlanta. The flame of her passion was lit when she saw people overcome illnesses at the free clinics where she was a student volunteer. Her zeal for women’s healthcare was set ablaze after learning that her grandmother died during childbirth. From that moment, her personal tragedy, coupled with the advice, “God’s gift to you is your life. Your gift to God is what you make of it,” evolved into a triumphant cause.

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Naiden’s educational pursuits landed her on the prestigious campus of Yale, for one year, at the age of 16. She later matriculated from the University of Washington and Case Western Reserve School of Medicine. With its diverse culture and endless opportunities, Atlanta has been her home for more than 28 years.

Dr. Naiden’s simple panacea for every woman who desires a healthy lifestyle is: daily exercise, healthy meals, nutritional supplements and IV nutrition. She encourages women of all ages to be proactive when it comes to their health and wellness. In other words, prevention instead of intervention.

Not only is Dr. Naiden medically-astute, but she has a treasure chest of life lessons and advice that she dispenses freely. “Life is a tree that continues to grow,” she admits, “the key to success and staying on top is to remain focused.” She encourages women to keep their vision in front of them and to take daily steps towards those goals. Wisely she adds, “Success germinates in the mind, first as a thought, then it buds into reality.”

Dr. Naiden is truly a trailblazer. She unselfishly credits Dr. Barbara King and Mary Morrisey, ministers, spiritual motivators and vision builders, for contributing to her inspiration.

Dr. Naiden’s office can be reached at (404) 284-3855.

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