Dr. Shai Hall: Up-Close


Pensacola, Florida – home of the white sand beaches and city of Five Flags.

How long have you been in Atlanta?
Six years; moved from Biloxi, MS/ Keelser Air Force Base after serving in the Air Force for 6 years as a dentist in the Air Force Dental Corp.

Name of your business … title …what/who inspired you to get in the business … how did they inspire you?
The Dental Spa. My family is a very motivational, hardworking family who inspired me to follow my dream. I was destined to become a dentist because I was always in the dental chair as a child. I was interested in what the dentist was doing and would sneak a pocket mirror in to see what he was doing when he walked out of the room. He caught me one day and from then on he would let me observe while he was working on my teeth and he explained the procedure. My mom would have to buy extra aluminum foil because I would use it to make fake braces on myself. LOL

What do you love about Atlanta?
Atlanta is a business-oriented city with varied entertainment. Plus, you can get a direct flight to most cites and countries around the world.

What has been your greatest accomplishment so far? (work related)
My greatest accomplishment has been my taking the step to open my business.

Best book you’ve ever read?
Depends on the various categories of books … I read so much for my profession that I have limited time to read for pleasure. Currently, I’m reading The Great Game of Business by Jack Stack. It has been an eye-opener and one of my favorites. One of my other favorites is The Wedding, by Nicholas Sparks. The same author of The Notebook. And lastly, I’m a fan of the Left Behind Series, by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.

Favorite quote
“Sometimes you have to jump, and grow wings on the way down.”

Do you do any charity work and if so, how do you contribute other than money?
I contribute my time to health fairs and non-profit organizations. I’ve been involved with the Ben Massell Dental Clinic, volunteering my skills for free dental services, participated in various health fairs to spread the word about the importance of dental health and the link between several systemic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke. Also, I’ve been active with B’Fly Girls, a non-profit organization dedicated to the holistic development of young girls. In addition, they provide tools and resources to help young girls achieve academic success.

Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Pledged Spring ’92 Delta Alpha Chapter at Bethune Cookman College, now University.

I love spending time in the kitchen cooking.

What do you do that most people would be surprised to learn?
While in the military, I sang the Japanese and the United States National Anthems at events and ceremonies.

Favorite Georgia Getaway
Chateau Elan

Favorite dessert
I have a sweet tooth and among my favorites are my mom’s German chocolate cake and my aunt’s key lime pie.

Best advice ever given
Work, pray; pray, work, success is assured. Quoted by my late pastor in Pensacola.

The one thing everyone must know about doing business in Atlanta?
You have to work hard to succeed and market to get name recognition.

What inspires you?
What inspires me is hearing the success stories of others and knowing that if someone else has done it, so can I.

Awards, certificates, honors and recognition
Most recent Awards and Honors: Business Superstar Award from PYNTK and Who’s Who of Black Atlanta 2011.

Organizations you belong to
ADA (American Dental Association), AGD (Academy of General Dentistry), AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) NGDA (North Georgia Dental Association)

What do you do to relax and unwind?
I relax and unwind by having a “couch potato day” listening to jazz, or watching a movie.

Military Service
United States Air Force – 6 years total. Started as a Captain and finished as a Major.

What is your hope for 2011?
My hope for 2011 is to experience a great recovery of the economy, and more caring among people.

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  1. Jenise Abdulhamid

    Hello Shai, this is Jenise ( Graham ) it is so nice to see how good you are doing, I mean you're doing things I wish I could be doing now. I hope you remember me. 9th avenue Pensacola, Florida? Workman Middle and Washington High? I was just searching people I used to know and found you. Much continued success to you. You and Michelle Grier are both Dr`s! I'm not surprised. You both did well in school. Much continued success!


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