Dr. Pam Answers Questions About Holistic Health at Forum for Women on May 7th


Dr. Pam Howard practices holistically at the Midtown Atlanta Wellness Center, but understands the allopathic or traditional side of health as well. She holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Florida A&M University and practiced as a pharmacist for over 12 years. She was a chief pharmacist for Walgreens during a portion of her pharmacy career. Dr. Pam decided it was time to leave pharmacy when she started realizing how successful she was becoming at helping people to no longer need medication. She then decided to follow her love of assisting people in remembering and applying their own ability to heal naturally.

Since leaving pharmacy, Dr. Pam has become certified in iridology and colon hydrotherapy, received a Natural Wellness Certificate from Clayton College of Natural Health, become a Reiki Master and is now working towards a PhD in Holistic Lifestyle Counseling. She has trained other practitioners to administer detox body wraps, ear candling and ionic detox foot baths.

Dr. Pam is the facilitator for the Wellness Muse Women’s Wellness Support Group which has successfully assisted numerous women with getting on track with their health as well as in their careers and personal lives. Her passion is speaking to groups about the simplicity of securing abundant good health for themselves as well as their legacy.

For tickets to this event, click here.

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