Dr. Nancy J. Williams to Host 2nd Annual Business Superstars’ Awards Breakfast


It is our great pleasure to announce that on October 7, 2011, Dr. Nancy J. Williams will host the 2nd Annual Business Superstars’ Awards Breakfast, presented by People You Need to Know Magazine — Atlanta’s #1 magazine showcasing women business owners. This exciting and entertaining networking event will honor all women who are in business and who are dedicated to community service.

Dr. Nancy J. Williams is a world-renowned dynamic motivational speaker, educator, and author. She has presented keynote speeches, workshops and seminars around the world. Dr. Nancy enjoys traveling, sharing her story; from sickness to well-being, from depression to joy, from stress to peace, from lack to prosperity, and now inspires and empowers others to reach their highest potential through her speaking and teaching via live tele-conferences, television and radio.

Prior to becoming a full-time professional business owner, speaker and educator, Dr. Nancy held one of the most prestigious positions in the world. For almost 20 years, she served as an Air Traffic Controller, becoming the first African American female to certify as an Air Traffic Controller at the world’s busiest airport in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Nancy is the Visionary/CEO of First Fruit Natural Healing Home. This oasis is located in Lithonia, Georgia, just 20 minutes from downtown Atlanta, Georgia, and sits on 5 beautiful acres. It was founded on a mission to help others to heal body, mind and soul … a place to experience relaxation, a positive atmosphere and therapeutic treatments.

Dr. Nancy is an accomplished author with an e-book series called Detoxing Into a New You, which include titles like, The Complete Step-By-Step Detox Guide for a Healthy Happier You, Detoxing Into Your Best Self, Nutrition & Meal Plans for Beginners, and Juicing for Beginners. Currently, she is writing her latest book; Know Thyself “Inner Journey.”

Dr. Nancy is a member of University of Sedona Alumni Association, a member of Global Organization of Women in Brick and Mortar Businesses Inc., and a member of Word of Faith Love Center in Atlanta, Georgia. She also gives back to the community by doing workshops for teen girls, helping them set goals and see visions for themselves.

Dr. Nancy’s hobbies include parachute jumping, competitive body building, relaxing at the beach and traveling all over the world. Her motto is, “Experience life to the fullest.”

Come out and experience People You Need to Know Magazine’s 2nd Annual Business Superstars’ Awards Breakfast! This inspiring event is intended to encourage all women to reach for the stars, and to live their dreams.

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