Dr. Monica Campbell Encourages Youth to Set Goals & Follow Dreams


“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future,” said Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Dr. Monica Campbell, co-owner of The Campbell Dental Group, agrees with that statement. That’s why she’s involved with a few different service organizations for children, including the C5 Youth Foundation. This organization targets youth with high potential in challenging situations, inspiring them to achieve personal success and also preparing them for college.

“We bring students to our office and they have the opportunity to ask us questions about our profession,” she explains. “They also shadow us and we sit down and talk to them about their dreams, goals, and aspirations.”

Dr. Monica Campbell wants to be remembered for being a compassionate person, which is one of the reasons she became a dentist in the first place. “My mom had some dental-related issues that occurred very early in life,” Dr. Monica recalls. “She had self-esteem issues because of that. Once she found a dentist who took care of those issues, it changed her life. It was amazing to see that transformation.”

Because of her mother’s experience, one of the focuses of Campbell Dental Group is cosmetic dentistry. “Being involved in changing people’s smiles and perception of themselves is amazing,” she says. “We’ve had countless patients cry at the end of a procedure because we’ve made such a big impact in their life. It’s wonderful to have played a part in that.”

Monica’s hopes for ‘building our youth for the future’ extends to her own 4-year-old son whom she adores. Instilling traditional values in him, along with an appreciation for other cultures, languages, and travel is high on her list when it comes to preparing him to meet the world and succeed.

Although Dr. Monica Campbell has the ability to change other people’s smiles and improve their confidence, at the end of a long day, it is her son’s smile that inspires her to keep making a difference.

Article from the 2012 Edition of People You Need to Know Magazine

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