Person of the Week: 4/11


Dr. Lynette T. Dandridge and Darrell, her husband of 18 years, are the owners of Thompson Dandridge Solutions, Inc., where the focus is always on YOU! Their expertise is in assisting you in how to further define and enhance what’s already within you.

The late William James wrote, “Compared to what we ought to be, we are only half awake.” At Thompson Dandridge Solutions, Inc., their purpose for existing is to help you through mentorship, counseling, and pointing you in the right direction, so you will ‘wake up’ and live life with a sense of meaning, purpose and fulfillment.

Dr. Dandridge has more than 20 years of experience in corporate America where she has worked for The Coca Cola Company, American Airlines, and New York Life Insurance Company. She is a former School Principal, University Dean, a former Youth Pastor and Minister of Christian Education.

Dr. Dandridge says, “Everybody can use a mentor to assist them in their journey. Hank Aaron had a coach, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey both have advisors; let us mentor you. Our number one goal is to help YOU become better. Thompson Dandridge Solutions, Inc. addresses the issues that may be hindering your progress. Our services are tailor-made just for you.”

In 2009, Dr. Dandridge was presented with the “Women of Power & Prestige” Award in the city of Snellville, Georgia. She also has been recognized as one of “Atlanta’s Unsung Heroes” by a popular news network in Atlanta for her outstanding work with the local youth. Both Dr. Dandridge and her husband believe impacting and changing lives enhances the quality of life for their sons, Christian and Louis.

Dr. Lynette T. Dandridge can be reached at 678-531-2799.


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