Dr. Lorie Johnson to Host World’s Biggest Baby Shower on March 24th


Dr. Lorie Johnson, an obstetrician/gynecologist with her own practice, Just For You Women’s Healthcare, wanted to help pregnant women who came to her office with limited resources. Some were having a hard time making ends meet; others were in abusive relationships and had nowhere to go.

“I wanted to help, but was limited as a doctor within the confines of my practice,” Dr. Lorie explains.

Thus began the idea for hosting the World’s Biggest Baby Shower, a fun event that will include a maternity fashion show, entertainment, speakers, and vendors selling items for babies and children. The event will be held March 24, 2012 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Strong Rock Christian School. All the proceeds will go to two local organizations that help pregnant mothers in need.

Dr. Lorie can relate to young struggling women. While she was trying to get through medical school, Dr. Lorie had no money, no car, and was raising a three-year-old daughter by herself. Overcoming all the obstacles and setbacks, Dr. Lorie moved forward to achieve her lifelong goal of becoming a doctor. She is committed to improving the health of women, is passionate about educating her patients, and takes time to listen to all of their questions and concerns.

She recently made another dream come true by redecorating her current location, formerly a furniture store, into an office atmosphere that is warm, friendly and truly inviting. In addition, she is writing a book that will be published next year entitled, Doctor, Is This Normal?, that addresses health concerns women are afraid to ask.

Lest you think this ambitious doctor, who wants to be the next Dr. Oz, is all work and no play, Lorie confesses she’s a big kid at heart. “I love Disney World and roller coasters,” she admits.

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    This is so awesome. We shouldn't be amazed at the great work Dr. Lorie Johnson is doing in Atlanta , Ga communities. We are grateful and thankful over her desire to help pregnant women with healthcare and resources. It is with joyfulness to know someone will work with these women in the best of their abilities to conquer the hard places of their obtacles and come forth stronger than ever in raising their children. This is incredible to have a great desire for a large baby shower and all those who are in support of this endeavor. God bless each person in their support with Dr. Lorie jJohnson


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