Dr. Lorie Johnson ~ A People You Need to Know Magazine Advertiser’s Success Story


Dr. Lorie Johnson, an obstetrician/gynecologist with her own practice, Just For You Women’s Healthcare, has only been in Atlanta for three years. What has helped her flourishing business grow so quickly?

She credits People You Need to Know Magazine’s marketing/PR savvy for getting her name out there, helping to promote her business … leading to opportunities for speaking engagements, new clients and even the possibility of a TV segment.

“I’ve had patients drive up to two hours to our office,” she says enthusiastically. “When we ask how they found out about us, they say they saw me on the cover of People You Need to Know Magazine or they heard me speak at one of their business networking events. People even send the magazine to their friends and family out-of-state. I’ve seen an explosion of business and a lot of it is due to People You Need to Know.”

The online/print magazine has a yearly circulation of 500,000, which is distributed throughout the metro Atlanta area. Their publication is Atlanta’s #1 magazine showcasing women business owners. The advertising, publishing, and marketing company promotes women business owners by putting them out front and giving them the world-class recognition they so richly deserve.

Dr. Lorie has been honored with the 2011 People You Need to Know Magazine ~ Business Superstar Women’s Healthcare Award and has also been a featured speaker at the Atlanta Kickoff of People You Need to Know Magazine’s Helping Women Succeed in America Tour. In addition, she served as one of the expert panelists at their Ask the Doctors Health Forum.

“By having additional exposure from the various events, I was able to pick up new patients and meet some really great people,” she notes. “People You Need to Know Magazine has been a catalyst for the growth of my business and is a great, great way to advertise all over the metro Atlanta area. I’d highly recommend it to other women business owners who may be looking for a way to promote their business.”

If you’d like to add a spark to your marketing, call People You Need to Know Magazine today … 770-460-5995.

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