Dana M. Lee Receives 2012 Business Superstar Award


Dana M. Lee is a Managing Partner at DanaBase. With her family now rooted and grounded in the Green Movement, Dana has not only taught them about recycling, but her lessons have helped them to become more conscious about air quality as well. Her home is even nestled in one of Atlanta’s first sustainable communities. Since her young sons and father are asthmatics, it gives her more of a reason to stay motivated about the important work she does every day.

Dana knows that educating the general public and convincing them to make lifestyle changes is no small feat, but she’s up for the challenge. She’s passionate about sharing the benefits of recycling and adding Xtreme Fuel Treatment to your vehicles, in order to reduce the harmful emissions in metro Atlanta. Dana is eager to speak to any group about what they can do to help make our air quality better.

We were proud to present Dana M. Lee with the People You Need to Know Magazine Superstar Award for Air Quality Awareness. This inspirational event was held in downtown Atlanta at the magnificent Georgian Terrace Hotel.

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