Creativity: It Can Be Your Launching Pad to Growth & Achievement


I love writing about the POWER of creativity. Just look around you. Everything that our eyes can see, our ears can hear, our hands can touch or our feet can walk upon has been created by others. Though sometimes born out of necessity, everything that exists, even down to our favorite recipe — someone actually took the time to create it. I honestly believe that creativity among men and women is one of the most untapped energies in the entire universe.

Only a few things excite me more than the thought of mentally moving something from the intangible world, and working hard to make it a manifestation in a world of tangibility. YES, you and I are both talented and creative people. You have it within your soul. YOU are a creation. By using the positive force you already have, you can make a difference in your own life.

Creativity can definitely be a proverbial launching pad to our achievement. But what sometimes keeps many of us bogged down is believing that we must compete with others in order to stay out front or even survive in this world. What’s even worse is we begin to believe that we’re not creative at all. Inevitably, our creative flow becomes restricted, we try to blend in, and eventually, we get to a point where we are just working to beat the so-called competition.

I could list a multitude of names of people in the cosmetic, fashion, technology, food, entertainment, sports, etc., industry who stood out and stand out because of their talent and creativity. I’m sure a few of those names are already drifting across your mind. But many of these people merely took action on something they loved to do, and often through the benevolence of others, they made it work.

You don’t have to become famous in order to be happy or earn millions of dollars to be satisfied with your accomplishments. Daily reports about celebrity dilemmas serve as a constant reminder that success, happiness and lots of money have very little to do with each other. Not too long ago, I saw the Grammy award-winning, actress and singer, Christina Aguilera, on the cover of a popular magazine which solemnly read, “I’m Just Trying To Figure Out How To Make It Through Each Day.”

Instead of seeking fame, what’s most important is to begin building upon the love, desire and interest that you already have inside. You just never know where it will lead. Search your heart and follow it.

If something in your area of interest already exists, add your own spin to it. How can you make it different than the rest? How can you do it differently. How can you make it better? Just as great musicians know that they have an unlimited tonal universe of sound to tap into and explore, your possibilities are also UNLIMITED. Creativity cannot thrive in a mindset of scarcity. When it comes to creativity, an open mind is a necessity.

Have fun exploring your new and exciting journey towards infinite possibilities!


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