ClearCause Foundation: Before Your Child Travels Abroad, Read This


Sheryl Hill’s son, Tyler, died too soon. Now, she and her husband are both working to save the lives of others.

At 16, Tyler was a tender-hearted boy who stood over six feet tall and weighed 215 pounds. He was an “A” honors student, role model, history buff, peace advocate and loved to play sports. Tyler became a hero at his high school for reporting a bomb threat.

A champion of Type I diabetes, Ty would never serve in the military. His People to People student trip to Japan was supposed to be the opportunity of his lifetime. That excitement turned into devastation when Tyler’s life ended on June 29, 2007. His death was 100% preventable. “I want to make sure no one walks in my shoes and has their child come home in a casket,” says Sheryl.

In their son’s honor, Sheryl and her husband, Allen, founded ClearCause Foundation and work tirelessly to establish safeguards to keep our children safe abroad. Their cause is clear – to keep America’s children and students safe on programs abroad, within this $17 billion federally unregulated industry. A SafeTY app (Safe Traveling Youth) is under development while public policy is advanced.

Sheryl is host mom to eight international students. She values global exchange. However, anyone can take your child abroad and anything can happen. No federally mandated qualifications, safety standards or public reporting exists to keep kids safe from many inherent dangers and risks. Young travelers have died, been abused, raped, abandoned, trafficked and even killed abroad.

“We miss Tyler every day. His story is not the only one,” Sheryl says, her voice cracking with appeal. “We believe their lives, and deaths, have purpose for a greater good. Let’s make certain it doesn’t happen again. Please support ClearCause.”

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  1. Sheryl Hill

    Thank you Spark Plug!

    We are launching a new website soon and announcing two strategic services to help us keep kids safe.

    Best of success to you!


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