Choice Nursing Services Helps Elderly Maintain Independence


In the United States, life expectancy has increased and the Baby Boomer generation is aging. As a result of this, many children are facing some very difficult decisions about their parents.

Being a caregiver and trying to juggle family, work, and caring for an elderly relative can be exhausting and riddled with emotional stress and personal conflicts. Watching a parent lose the ability to take care of everyday tasks while fiercely clinging to their independence isn’t easy. Oftentimes a parent doesn’t want to go to a nursing home or assisted living facility.

So what’s a person to do? More and more people are turning to home nursing services. And why not? In many cases it’s best to leave an aging relative in the hands of a knowledgeable caregiver who genuinely cares about the people they assist. Sophisticated advances in medical treatment and technology have allowed for comprehensive health care at home.

“Taking care of the elderly and helping them maintain a sense of independence in their home is very important,” says Carolyn Taylor, registered nurse and owner of Choice Nursing Services. “We help the elderly keep some level of independence so they can make their own decisions whenever possible and won’t have to rely on their children taking time off work.”

Carolyn’s home nursing services are individualized and specific to the client’s needs and includes helping with cooking, bathing, household maintenance, shopping, and providing transportation to and from hospitals and appointments. The goal is to provide peace of mind to families caring for dependent family members. Another advantage of home nursing services is the individualized attention the elderly receive. Elderly patients develop a relationship of trust with the nurse who visits regularly.

“In nursing homes you have a nurse who’s assigned to 10 to 15 clients,” Carolyn points out. “They won’t get individualized care, the one-on-one experience. I don’t know about you, but I know when I get individualized attention, I feel good! I’m on top of the world because I have someone there who knows that I’m their sole focus.”

At times elderly relatives feel like the family is interfering or trying to take away their independence. Choice Nursing Services helps the family accept the changing needs of their loved ones and provides strategies on how to maintain support without taking away their independence or dignity.

Carolyn loves her work. Knowing that her company is taking great care of the elderly, allowing them to stay in their homes and keep their independence brings her tremendous satisfaction. In addition, family members can breathe easier because their loved ones are not being mistreated. “I love people – especially the elderly,” she says enthusiastically. “I love talking to elderly people because they have a vast array of knowledge and experience that many are eager to share.” Choice Nursing Services can be reached at 678-964-2213.

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