Change: The Key to Growing, Evolving & Reaching Our Full Potential


Very few people actually love the element of change. It breaks up the monotony of life, causing us to slow down and pay close attention to what is going on in our surroundings. Life’s shifts will often bring unease and unrest to the lives of many.

In business, change is definitely a fact of life. Today’s climate may have an employee working in the office today, but that same employee may be terminated tomorrow. Long gone are the days when corporations expected to keep an employee for years on end. That time has passed.

Most people know that even if they are employed, they must work as the CEO of their own life because there are no guarantees and they must be prepared for whatever comes their way.

When faced with change, our first response is usually resistance. We do this by fight or flight. Just tell your team members that something new is coming down the pipeline, and you’ll probably hear 10 reasons why the change should not take place. On the other hand, in extreme situations, people have been known to exercise the flight response and clean out their office on the very same day a new administration takes charge because they are unwilling to deal with the CHANGE that may occur.

Change can be a bridge to something better and more exciting. It can also lead you down a path that really wasn’t your choice; nevertheless, you should still be on the lookout for opportunities along the way.

We are more flexible than we realize and I believe that without change, none of us could ever reach our full potential. So embrace change, and be willing to get uncomfortable in order to keep growing, changing and evolving.


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