Celebrate Women 2010 Luncheon


On May 26, we provided the business professionals in the PYNTK Network with some more blockbuster exposure for their organizations at the Celebrate Women 2010 Luncheon held at Sugo Restaurant’s John’s Creek location. Once again, when we made this tour stop, we gave out many of our widely circulated publications.

After the attendees feasted on an aromatic, appetizing and mouthwatering lunch, Ms. Tana Torrano, President and Founder of OSBO, (Organization Supporting Business Owners) gave a dynamic and content-filled presentation about “Marketing on Shoestring Budget.”

She encouraged the attendees to continue to market their business in this current economic downturn, so when the market bounces back, their companies won’t be invisible like those who stopped marketing during the recession. She also reminded us to make sure that all of our marketing material is consistent, from business cards, websites, flyers, logos, etc.

Among other valuable information, which was imparted to her audience regarding “Marketing on a Shoestring Budget,” Ms. Torrano urged the attendees to consider partnered marketing with other organizations as a strategy to help grow and strengthen their business.

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