Carolyn Taylor, RN ~ President of Choice Nursing Services


Carolyn Taylor’s rewards for running her own business, Choice Nursing Services, are twofold: (1) To assist elderly persons, especially those with failing health, giving them an opportunity to remain in their own homes, and to experience an independent lifestyle for as long as possible; and (2) To keep her employees actively engaged in full-time employment, especially during our current depressed economic state.
Carolyn has a soft heart, as evidenced by her volunteer work with the homeless.

“My greatest accomplishment is to keep my employees working and not lay anyone off,” she says. “In this way, I’m contributing to keeping families out of homeless shelters.”

Carolyn, a registered nurse, knows how it feels to be insecure about your financial future. After working for a corporate company and watching them downsize for three consecutive years, she found it hard to be loyal to corporate America.

In 2005, Carolyn was recruiting employees and visiting hospitals and insurance companies. With all of her new contacts, she found herself in a unique position. “I used all of my contacts, both personal and business, to jump start my own business,” Carolyn says. “You’d be amazed all the people you’re in contact with every day… your insurance agent, beautician, mailman, neighbors … and how much information they have and who they can connect you with.”

After discussing it with her husband, who wholeheartedly supported her decision, they spent their vacation on the beach with a laptop working out the logistics. Starting your own business is always a bit risky, but Carolyn believes you shouldn’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. This isn’t surprising since her favorite sports are drag racing, zip lining, and motorcycle riding.

Her favorite quote: “The greatest investment you can make is in yourself. Never give up on your dreams.” A fitting quote, since Carolyn’s hope for 2011 is to expand her company beyond her wildest imagination.

Carolyn Taylor was born in Benton Harbor, Michigan and currently resides in Conyers, Georgia.

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