Can You Feel It?


As women, we work hard …not just on the job, but at home as well. We make plenty of sacrifices each and every day, and in a real sense, we literally keep the world together.

At some point in our lives, we must make a decision to find something we actually LOVE to do and spend some time doing it. We must be able to feel it in every fiber of our being. Whatever it is that makes us feel ALIVE, we owe it to ourselves to take a moment to immerse ourselves in it — body, mind and spirit.

So … whether it’s a hobby you’ve tossed aside, spending time with an old friend or just walking in the park, whatever you choose to do, make sure you FEEL it. Life is short. Why not take some time to validate yourself and appreciate your OWN value by doing something you really enjoy?

Have a GREAT weekend!

~ Jacqueline

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  1. PYNTK

    You've got to "feel" what it feels like to be ALIVE. Go out and do something that reminds you that you are here to make a positive contribution. Don't wait for the world to change, because it won't. YOU must be the change.


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