Best-Selling Author Dedicates Books to Scores of Missing Women


How often have you felt powerless after hearing the sad and tragic news of another woman being abducted or gone missing? There’s always something we can do to empower ourselves and others.

Atlanta’s best-selling author, D.L. Sparks, has decided to dedicate her novels to the scores of missing women across the country. After dealing with the blow of her friend Monica Bowie being abducted, she felt that she had to do something. Each book will be dedicated to a different woman, with information for others listed in the acknowledgments. This is one way she wants to keep hope alive for these beautiful women’s families.

D.L. is also a staunch advocate for uplifting our youth. She enjoys mentoring and speaking to young girls — helping to mold their minds through positive reinforcement.

D.L.Sparks is currently working on her next novel. You can visit her online at

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  1. Princess Zezebel Lair

    This looks like a good book to me.


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