Barbara Rushing Teaches Baby Boomers Computer Skills


Barbara Rushing, founder of Rush2Compute, has many different facets.

This self-proclaimed techie runs her own business, volunteers to help the destitute learn computer skills, participates in walks to raise money for heart disease and breast cancer, and loves getting in touch with nature. She’s also the mother of a senior in high school, and is excited about helping her daughter choose a college.

Then there’s the Barbara who loves to dance. “I’m the first one to say, let’s have a party and dance,” she admits, laughing.

Barbara has over 20 years of experience in the corporate world, but is now living her dream as founder of Rush2Compute. The business offers a variety of services including networking, software and hardware installations, and computer repairs.

They also offer computer classes for baby boomers and seniors with one-on-one sessions in the comfort of their homes or low-cost training sessions at retirement centers, nursing facilities, and assisted-living organizations.

“Technology is here to stay,” Barbara states. “It’s important for baby boomers and seniors to stay connected with the world, family, and friends through computing technology.”

Barbara loves teaching the mature generation how to use Skype, Facebook and e-mail to keep in touch with family and friends.   This also provides the opportunity to play games, pay bills online, and browse the Internet for research.

After taking computer classes in the past and feeling too intimidated to ask questions, Barbara was motivated to start her own classes. She created a place where people felt comfortable, no question was too silly to ask, and patience was the rule of the day.

Starting a business in 2009 during an economic recession wasn’t easy, but Barbara was determined to overcome any obstacle. She encourages others to have the same positive attitude toward learning new technology.

Barbara says confidently, “You can do it! I can help!” Her office can be reached at 678-331-7414.

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