Audrey Dixon Talks About the POWER of Her 30-Year Friendship


In an era where the hearts of many have become a degree cooler towards humanity, and where there are some whose main focus always seems to be material gain, it’s refreshing to hear about friendships, which have lasted for decades. Most of us know that long-lasting friendships require patience, trust, love, understanding, never-ending forgiveness and are considered by most people to be very sacred. Therefore, to have a 30-year friendship says a great deal about the character of those who have connected and shared their lives for that span of time.

Audrey Dixon, Jamaican native and Owner of Atlanta’s Exceptional Transcription and Business Solutions, is one such person. She beams when she speaks about the trust, love and support that she receives from her friends. She was quick to note that it isn’t just one person with whom she has cultivated a long-lasting friendship, but that she has several friends who have been with her for decades.

One friend she spoke of was Sandra. “My friend Sandra has been an inspiration to me because of her strength and resilience during her storms in life. She has taught me how to take the positive lessons from each experience. She has kept me centered. When I doubted my ability regarding my successes in life, she has raised me up with her sage advice. Through her objective wisdom and counsel, along with her large heart, she always knows the right words to say, which will encourage and empower me.”

Audrey says the best thing about having a friend like Sandra for 30 years is the fact that, “She knows where I’ve been, where I am now and where I want to be in the future. She has supported me through each phase of my life.”

When asked about her personal definition of friendship, Audrey replied, “Friendship is an unending bond that unites two people who have learned to implicitly trust each other. A true friend helps you believe in yourself and allows you to be honest about how you are feeling. They know your faults and still think you are special.”

Audrey went on to say, “I truly enjoy being able to do business and develop friendships with many of the clients we serve. We look forward to assisting our clients with their transcription requirements, allowing them to use their valuable time to focus more on running their businesses. It gives me and my team great pleasure to convert audio to text so that our clients can capture important interviews, meetings and other events. We want to make sure that critical spoken words don’t get lost.”

Audrey Dixon certainly exemplifies the true meaning of friendship and has managed to instill her values deep into the core of her business.

Now, that’s REALLY powerful.

Written by Jacqueline Thomas

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