Person of the Week: 4/25


During her first year of law school, Washington, DC native Tracey Jean-Charles felt at home in court, and the law library. She would eventually combine her love of law, business and research.

A year out of law school, Ms. Jean-Charles established Economic Legal Solutions to address the many questions of law and procedure for families and also for those who would not ordinarily have access to an attorney. The business started with performing basic legal research, and grew from there. With Economic Legal Solutions, later renamed Lex Analytic Research Group in 2005, Ms. Jean-Charles counseled small business owners in issues of corporate formation, intellectual property, taxation, and contracts.

Attorney Jean-Charles has held positions as a Senior Legal Researcher, and Attorney contracted for litigation, at several national law firms. In these positions, Ms. Jean-Charles developed skills for internet legal research, judgment collection and has reviewed thousands of documents in preparation for trial in federal litigation.

In 2007, she founded Johnson Elliott Jean-Charles, named after her family, where she continues her extensive work in the areas of real estate, criminal and juvenile defense, juvenile deprivation proceedings, and business litigation. She has served as lead counsel in state, superior and federal courts in Georgia.

Ms. Jean-Charles is dedicated to pro bono work and was recently acknowledged in the Georgia Bar Journal for her pro bono efforts with the Gwinnett Pro Bono Project.

Ms. Jean-Charles received a Bachelor of Science degree from Morgan State University in 1998 and is a 2002 graduate of The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law. She co-owns the law firm with her husband, Ben Jean-Charles. They have two children and reside in suburban Atlanta.

At People You Need to Know, we’re proud to salute Attorney Tracey D. Jean-Charles as our Person of the Week. Her office can be reached at 678-343-9535.


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2 had something to say.
  1. Petula

    Definitely sounds like someone I need to know. Good write up/post.

  2. PYNTK

    Hello Petula,
    Yes ... she's accomplished so much already, who knows where she'll end up. Thanks for the compliment.


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