Attorney Melody Cherry Shares Facts About Personal Injury Cases


Say you’re in a car accident and the other driver is clearly at fault. However, you just want to settle with the insurance company quickly and move on with your life. You give the insurance company whatever information they request.

Big mistake, says Attorney Melody Y. Cherry, who has provided professional legal services for the Metro-Atlanta community for over 18 years, focusing on serving clients who have been victimized by the carelessness of others. She warns her clients not to be intimidated or bullied by insurance companies.

“Insurance claims representatives are trained to destroy your case and to pay you as little as possible or even nothing at all,” Attorney Cherry explains. “They are armed with attorneys who are paid to destroy your case.”

If you’re injured in an automobile collision or as the result of a property owner’s negligence, immediately contact a personal injury attorney like Cherry who offers a free consultation. And be sure and consult with a personal injury attorney before you give a recorded statement.

Additionally, insurance companies sometimes seek a quick settlement before the accident victim has time to fully appreciate the extent of their injuries, which may be permanent. Again, be careful!

“I understand clients want to move forward quickly and put the matter behind them,” says Attorney Cherry. “However, settling a case without gathering all the evidence and without receiving all the care and treatment the client needs may leave the client in an undesirable position.”

Through years of experience and dealing with insurance companies, the Law Offices of Melody Y. Cherry, P.C. know a fair and adequate settlement when they see it. If you haven’t received one, they’ll do their best to see that insurers live up to their responsibility.

“We’re dedicated to providing you with personal, individualized attention,” Attorney Cherry concludes.

You can reach the Law Offices of Melody Y. Cherry, P.C. at or call (404) 622-6611.

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