Attorney Karen V. Mills Empowers Young Women to Become Leaders


Attorney Karen V. Mills, the Managing Member of the law firm, Mills Law Associates, believes in giving back. “It’s not all about me,” she says. “I want to be remembered as someone who cared about others, did things for others, and treated other people like I wanted to be treated.”
One way Karen tries to make a difference is by empowering young women to become leaders. As a first generation college student who became the second African-American female attorney elected to partnership at one of the oldest Atlanta-based law firms, and who then started her own law firm, Karen can offer practical advice and wisdom to those just starting out.

Recently, she became involved with the Coca-Cola/Spelman College Leadership Mentoring Program which helps transform young college students into global leaders. Karen also enjoys educating and helping others as a lawyer, especially in the area of entrepreneurship.

“People are so excited about starting their own business,” she explains. “I try to educate them to create a good legal and accounting foundation, be cautious, think things through, use common sense, and do it the right way. People get so focused on the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, they don’t think about some of the worst case scenarios.”

Whether it’s helping her clients avoid costly mistakes or giving advice to first generation college students, Karen believes she was put on this earth for a reason. “Years ago, I learned that it is not about me, but how I can help someone else.”

Although Attorney Mills looks business-like in suits most of the time, she’s also a woman who enjoys traveling, hanging out with friends and family, and trying new things like cooking classes. Comedy movies are also on the list of things she enjoys. “Laughter keeps you going, so you must take time to laugh,” she says.

Article from the 2012 Edition of People You Need to Know Magazine

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