Incredible Performer Antonia Lawrence to Sing at Health Forum for WOMEN


National Women’s Health Week is around the corner and we’re doing our part to help spread the word about the importance of keeping the body healthy and implementing strategies for living a happier life. Women entrepreneurs could immediately improve their health by embracing more me-time due to the great demands from work and family life. In reality, it all comes down to loving and caring about ourselves more and improving our self-regard overall.

On May 7th, which leads into National Women’s Health Week, Antonia Lawrence will be performing a few selections beginning at 9:45am at the Fernbank Auditorium. The panel discussions will begin promptly at 10:00am. Also, if you haven’t received a copy of the magazine or newspaper, we’ll have some available. A special thanks to Allstate ~ Valerie D. Randolph for providing gift bags for the attendees. Each panelist will have a booth at the event, so you’ll be able to meet each doctor personally.

We look forward to seeing you at the Ask the Doctors Health Forum for Women and please bring someone you care about.

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