PYNTK Spotlight: Atlanta Freelance Writer: Loie Chambers


Loie Chambers is an avid writer who transforms simple words into a beautiful piece of art. As a freelance writer, she pens passionate poems, creates colorful essays and short stories, and she produces insightful research papers. From an early age, she knew she had an aptitude for writing when her teachers would anger her by limiting essays to three (3) pages. Loie wanted to go the distance, 10 pages or more, like a jockey at the Kentucky Derby.

She is a recent graduate of Georgia State University where she earned a B.A. in Journalism-print concentration and a minor in English. She has even won the “Dark and Stormy Night” award for best obituary piece in her Feature Writing class. Loie has also earned a special diploma in Publishing from the Institute of Children’s Literature.

Originally from the tropical island of Jamaica, Loie currently resides in Atlanta with her husband and three children. Her favorite seasons are spring and summer and her days are perfect when the weather is 80 degrees Fahrenheit!

When Loie is not working on an article, you can find her reading, cooking, shopping or spending time with her family. You can also find her on some weekends delivering speeches before her local Toastmasters’ club.

Loie is a contributing writer to Atlanta’s People You Need to Know Women’s Magazine. You can also find some of her work at and

You can reach Loie at:; Chambers  or Henriques Chambers

She believes that everyone has a story, but not everyone knows how to tell it. She is ready to help you tell yours!

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