Atlanta Surgeon, Dr. Mark Walker Signs on for 14th Year at PYNTK Magazine


Dr. Mark Walker was educated in the New York City Public School System. He graduated from City College New York in 1973 and completed Meharry Medical School in 1977. He finished the Howard University Hospital Surgical Residency training program in 1982.

Dr. Walker spent one year in a traumatology fellowship at the Maryland Institute of Emergency Medical Services Systems (1982-1983). He joined the Howard faculty in 1983, where served as a Surgery Instructor. In 1985, he traveled to Atlanta to assist in the clinical development of Morehouse School of Medicine. He served on the faculty at Morehouse for 11 years.

In 1996, he started the Surgical Health Collective, a clinical organization that provides quality surgical care in the Atlanta area. Dr. Walker is board-certified in general surgery and in surgical critical care. His areas of expertise include: breast, colon, thyroid, parathyroid, stomach and traumatic surgery. He currently serves as the medical director of the Surgical Health Collective.

The Surgical Health Collective (SHC) was established in 1996 to address unmet health needs throughout the greater Metropolitan Atlanta area and is dedicated to providing the best overall care for general surgical and medical problems. Their motto is, “Helping People with Skill and Caring” and it is the essence of what they do. Their focus is on the patient at all times. Nothing is too small when it comes to caring for their patients. The employees of Surgical Health Collective ensure that their patients receive the very best care.

In addition, the Surgical Health Collective is actively involved in the community, spreading the important message about health and wellness through exercise and proper nutrition. They spend countless hours educating the community about the fact that “Health is mental, physical, social and spiritual well-being, not just the absence of disease. All of us must be nurtured and cared for at some time during our lives. Our daily habits influence our health. A diet based on fruits and vegetables, daily graded exercise and proper rest are essential ingredients for good health.”

At People You Need to Know Magazine, we’re proud to have Dr. Mark Walker and the Surgical Health Collective in our network! Tune in to his interview below.

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