Atlanta Dentist Dr. Gloria Clarke Recognized Internationally for Giving Back


“I want to be remembered as a giver and someone who is always there for others,” says Dr. Gloria Clarke, a dentist and owner of Greenbriar Dental Care. No doubt, this charitable woman will get her wish.

She will surely be remembered by people who cannot afford dental work at Ben Massell Clinic, where Dr. Gloria does volunteer work, making beautiful dentures for people who sometimes have no teeth at all. She also hosts and sponsors Atlanta’s Dental Angels, an annual event held at her office, along with other volunteer providers, who offer free dental services to the community. This confirms why Dr. Gloria was recently inducted into the International College of Dentists, an international organization that recognizes dentists who give back to the community.

“It’s very rewarding to see people who have absolutely no teeth, walk out of the door having a full set of teeth and an attractive smile as well,” she says. “They are so appreciative and thankful.”

She will also be remembered by her patients for her compassionate attitude. Dr. Gloria strives to provide high quality dentistry, and invests in the latest technology to best serve her patients so they can have a dazzling smile. She strongly believes in personalized care.

“Dentistry offers the best of both worlds,” she points out. “We see immediate results. We don’t have to wait months or years to see our patients get better or improve their confidence. However, prevention goes a long way. Most of the work we do is preventable. If people come in before something is bothering them, it saves so much money and time.”

Although she loves her work, Dr. Gloria tries to find balance. To relax, she enjoys boating and also continues to find time for her volunteer work. “I believe we all have something to offer,” she says. “It may be in our field or just offering our time to the elderly or to children, but we all have something important to contribute.”

Article from the 2012 Edition of People You Need to Know Magazine

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