As a Volunteer Girl Scout Leader, Dr. Shoanmarie Makes Positive Impact


As a young girl, Dr. Shoanmarie camped, sold Girl Scout cookies, and developed into a well-rounded individual, while other kids watched cartoons on Saturday mornings. She thanks the Girl Scouts for that opportunity. Since the organization needs leaders to help young girls develop their full potential, Dr. Shoanmarie is a Girl Scout volunteer who helps inspire future generations.

“Being exposed to the Girl Scouts was one of the best things my mother ever did for me,” she says. “The mission of the Girl Scouts provides a positive impact on our community as a whole, and provides opportunities for young girls they may otherwise not be afforded.  I wholeheartedly support them with both time and resources.”

Dr. Shoanmarie, a chiropractor and owner of Optimal Health Wellness Center, enjoys serving and helping others. As a chiropractor, she has blazed many trails in her profession; becoming the country’s first African American certified chiropractic sports physician is one of them.

“I love being able to educate and serve others while doing something I truly enjoy,”Dr. Shoanmarie admits. “I was created to help people get out of pain without drugs.”

On a personal note, this purpose-driven woman says she lost herself while taking care of others, by gaining almost 100 pounds over ten years of private practice.  Now almost 100 pounds lighter, she says, “I got ME back.  Weight loss has become a large part of my practice. I got big for a purpose. The experience has empowered me to help others lose weight.”

Whether she’s inspiring others to lose weight, educating clients about health and wellness, or motivating young girls as a Girl Scout leader, Dr. Shoanmarie feels she is fulfilling her purpose in life.

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  1. Tiffany

    I am so happy for you Dr. Shoanmarie. You inspired me greatly in the short period I known you. I admire your knowledge and desire to help others. Keep up the awesome work !


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