April Smith is Tapping Into the Multi-Billion Dollar Beauty Industry


Butterfly Cosmetics

There comes a time in the rapid pace world of business when someone comes out of nowhere to dominate the industry. That someone is Buena Vista, Georgia’s very own April Smith, and that industry is the multi-billion dollar beauty industry. You see, April did not come to get in the game, her plan is to take it over through her creation of an international cosmetic line that will cater to all shades of color, remember this name, “Butterfly Cosmetics”.

On February 28, 2012 the world was introduced to the launch of Butterfly Cosmetics which proudly carries the slogan, “Looking Fabulous and Loving It”. Her goal was to produce cosmetics that were not harsh to the skin and she strives to provide women with the proper education on makeup application. After watching how many teenage girls, (including her own daughters) skin would become damaged as a result of trying an array of cosmetic lines, she vowed to step in with a solution. Wearing makeup is a big part of a young girl’s adolescent years, so she wants to make sure that the makeup they are using is not harmful and she plans to educate them on the true purpose of cosmetics, this applies also to adult women as well.

Butterfly Cosmetics consists of minerals to create their products, which features a signature line of lipsticks, eye-shadows, lip glosses, foundations and much more. April Smith’s ultimate goal is to have her beauty products featured in upscale elite events around the metro-Atlanta area and also have Butterfly Cosmetics on the tip of the tongue of everybody within the music, fashion, film, & business industries. To pull this off successfully she has lined up a one of a kind exclusive media tour where she already has scheduled interviews with magazines, radio, podcasts, blogs, and talk shows. And we are not just talking about Atlanta, the Butterfly Cosmetics brand is on a steam rolling pace to go regional, national, & international. Being on the scene in a such short period of time, April admits that she gets elated when her Marketing Director Alana Sanders of MarketingPros, LLC, informs her of so many emails and phone calls of people wanting to do business. These people range from A-list entertainers, top colleges with fashion & beauty programs, corporate sponsors from some of the top Fortune 500 companies, who all want a piece of the Butterfly cosmetic brand.

Don’t be surprised if you see April Smith and her signature lines in commercials and on the set of huge movie projects soon because as she would say, “Why stop somewhere in the middle when the top spot is right there within your reach. This is the same attitude that made the visionaries at MAC, Maybeline, and Revlon billions, so why can’t I, a strong woman from Buena Vista, GA, place my stamp on the beauty industry as well. But I do plan to incorporate and tie-in my powerful platform to collaborate with a few selected charities to give back as well. I want be considered a role model to all people, all races, but especially young black girls who sometimes get off track with what they think is cool. I want them to have a visual experience and see a woman like me who did not conform to the norm to become a top-notch respected businesswoman. My goal is to promote positivity, education, high self-esteem, productivity through my brand Butterfly Cosmetics, I don’t just work in the beauty industry, I have OWNERSHIP in it.”

Stay tuned for a huge announcement from April Smith about an upcoming exclusive Butterfly Cosmetics mansion party at a private estate that she says will be the biggest party Atlanta has seen in awhile. As CEO & owner, April Smith has plans to indeed take over Atlanta, the nation, and why not even the world. She is the epitome of a self-made woman who will not stop until she snags that top spot in the beauty industry. April says there is a strong possiblity of a future book, reality show, and movie about her spectacular rise to the top!

For any business opportunites, media, or future endorsements with Butterfly Cosmetics contact:
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5 had something to say.

  1. 2012-04-19

    Very proud of you April.....you are making history with this!!!

  2. Scotty Scott

    Very proud to see our Atlanta version of OPRAH!!!~Scotty Scott~


  3. 2012-04-20

    This is Awesome April, I'm so proud and happy for you. You deserve all the blessings GOD is giving you. Love you sis!!

  4. Tonya Mcbride

    so proud and happy for u girl GOD IS SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!

  5. Kesia Rembert

    Awesomeness April! This is wonderful.


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