Aging Backwards: This Superhero Fruit Detoxifies


Did you know eating a simple grapefruit can help you melt fat, detoxify your body and control your blood-sugar levels?

That’s why this multipurpose fruit is a superhero in the anti-aging world.

According to botanists, the grapefruit is an accidental hybrid between the pummelo and the orange. But, no matter how it came into being, I’m just glad it did. Not only is the luscious grapefruit known for its fat-burning enzymes, it also has several other excellent benefits.

Anti-aging physician (and my mentor) Al Sears, MD, is also a big fan of grapefruit. “Grapefruit contains a flavonoid called naringenin. It’s what gives grapefruit its bitter taste. It’s also a potent antioxidant. And that’s the secret to grapefruit’s cleansing power. It binds to toxins and helps flush them from your body,” he explains.

Dr. Sears also maintains that naringenin can increase your body’s insulin resistance to help prevent diabetes. Plus, it can reprogram your liver to melt excess fat, instead of storing it.

On top of that, a study by Scripps Clinical Research found the fiber in grapefruit helps with the digestion of carbs. In turn, this helps stop spikes in your blood-sugar levels.

Dr. Sears says, “This effect that grapefruit has to remove toxins from your body can be made more powerful when combined with a fast. What I mean is, you only eat grapefruit for a day. Grapefruit makes the fast much easier because you get some carbohydrates, some bulk in your intestines and some fiber. And I don’t find it difficult. If I’m hungry, I just eat more grapefruit.”

According to the Florida Department of Citrus, one medium grapefruit has four grams of dietary fiber. Some of that is soluble fiber (pectin), which helps support healthy cholesterol levels. Dietary fiber also keeps you feeling full for longer, meaning you eat less overall. In fact, half a Florida grapefruit has more fiber than one cup of popcorn!

You can find fresh Florida grapefruit from January through April, its peak season. And, 100-percent grapefruit juice is available year-round.

If you want to melt fat, get rid of toxins and charge up your antioxidants this winter, why not give grapefruit a try?

Have a Youthful Day,

~Jackie Silver

Grapefruit may conflict with some pharmaceutical medications, so consult your caregiver if you’re taking any medications.

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