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People You Need to Know, Inc. is a leader in putting women in business ‘up front’ by giving them world-class recognition that puts them in the spotlight. Maximum exposure for your business starts here!

~ People You Need to Know Magazine ~
Winner: “Best Promoter” – 2009 New America Media
Member: Atlanta Press Club
Recipient: City of Atlanta’s Prestigious Phoenix Award

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to celebrate women in business and give them world-class recognition that will help their organizations grow via print, website, podcast, radio and trade shows.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to make being associated with the People You Need to Know Business Network a necessity for any woman in business who wants to become a household name in the metro Atlanta area and beyond.


Media Information
People You Need to Know, Inc. (PYNTK)
Metro Atlanta Edition

Many metro Atlanta business professionals have used the People You Need to Know publication as a way to promote their business and have seen outstanding results. Year after year, our clients tell us that PYNTK attracts an upscale customer base to their businesses.

If you’re looking for some great exposure, this is your opportunity to become a part of our next exciting edition of People You Need to Know in metro Atlanta! It is the most affordable advertising vehicle for maximum exposure that you can get for your business where you won’t get lost in the crowd. Space is limited. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Call today to get your business included.

Job one is to spread the word about your product or service to metro Atlanta consumers via our People You Need to Know publication, which has a circulation of 500,000. Our online version of the entire publication increases your visibility even more. We also have a People You Need to Know radio show at reports that the PYNTK radio show is also being downloaded in 35 Countries.

In addition to the maximum exposure you’ll receive in metro Atlanta’s premier business spotlight publication, we’ll create press releases to help you further brand your name in the marketplace. Consumers can find our publications in major distribution points such as Kroger and Whole Foods. It is also available online for your convenience 24/7.

People You Need to Know is dedicated to participating in Metro Atlanta’s major trade shows, business Expos, health fairs, festivals and community events. Our motto is, “People You Need to Know Everywhere.”

The Benefits of Advertising in People You Need to Know:

  • Yearly Circulation 500,000 – People use the publication throughout the year to find doctors, realtors, dentists, attorneys and more.
  • Major Distribution Points (Kroger, Whole Foods, Upscale Salons, Doctors’ Offices, Car Dealerships, and many others.)
  • Full Page Magazine 4-Color Exposure, guaranteeing your ad will be more impactful, instantly grab the reader’s attention, ensuring a greater recall than a half-page or quarter-page ad.
  • We get many calls into our office from consumers who say they collect our publications for continued use year after year.
  • Your Brand is further enhanced because our entire publication can be Viewed Online!
  • Radio Exposure on Spark Plug Radio. Radio Show is linked to BlogTalkRadio, searchable on Google and can be downloaded FREE from iTunes.

Effective Advertising
Advertising in People You Need to Know is like having your very own billboard that says, “Yes, we’re open, and we’d love to do business with you!” We offer the best available means of putting your business before the public on a consistent, effective and year-long basis. For many businesses, we are an advertising necessity, year after year.


Free publications for your market
Since 1993, People You Need to Know in metro Atlanta has been proudly serving the metro Atlanta area with affordable advertising and premium exposure for businesses large and small. Our publication has a circulation of 500,000 which are delivered metro-wide and targeted to an upscale market.


Everyone gets great exposure at an affordable price! User-friendly format
In our attractive publication, every advertiser gets premium exposure because our smallest ad size is a full page! This makes every ad easy to read, easy to see and easy to notice. On occasion, people even call to ask for back issues. Our attractive full-page ads, coupled with informative advertising makes it easy to see why People You Need to Know is one of the most popular publications in metro Atlanta and has the most elegant presentation of business professionals in the southeast!


Metro-wide delivery – wide use
PYNTK is delivered to major distribution points in the metro Atlanta area by some of the nation’s top Distributors of free publications. Unlike some publications, PYNTK is kept out and ready to use throughout the year. Consumers tell us that they keep our publications within reach, e.g., coffee tables, desktops, etc. They’re not tucked away on a bookshelf, used as decoration, or forgotten. Our publications are prominently placed for easy access. They just don’t read it, they use it when they’re ready to do business!

Our People You Need to Know publications are delivered all over the metropolitan Atlanta area including counties such as, Fayette, Cobb, Fulton, DeKalb, Rockdale, Henry, Spalding, Douglas, Coweta, Gwinnett and more. Major distribution sites include Kroger, Whole Foods, bookstores, libraries, daycare centers, fitness centers, restaurants, doctors’ offices, automotive centers, banks, beauty salons, YMCA’s, medical centers, apartment complexes, churches, tennis centers, golf clubs and new subdivisions.


Advertising in the People You Need to Know business spotlight publication is easily affordable for any business. Our ad prices are the most economical in the Atlanta market. The bottom line is this…your overall cost is very low, and your return on investment is limitless! Our publication attracts people who are serious about advertising their business, who know what they want, appreciate quality and are go-getters.

Our advertisers are affluent, well-educated business professionals, between the ages of 30-55 years old with many having advanced degrees. Most of them are in the high six to seven-figure income bracket.

Many of our readers are also affluent, between the ages of 25-55 years old, well-educated, family-oriented professionals, with internet access via their home computer, laptop, BlackBerry, and iphones, etc., who are consciously aware consumers. Nearly 75% of our readers are women and many make financial decisions for the family. Our survey found that the average user household earns at least $150,00 to well over $250,000 per year. Just as Doctors, Attorneys, Real Estate Agents, Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents, and many other professionals advertise with us, so do many of these same professionals use our publication year after year.

Why You Should Advertise with People You Need to Know In metro Atlanta!

  • Our Publication is the most affordable way to promote, sustain or introduce your brand
  • Our Publications are free to the public
  • Our Prices are affordable
  • Our Distribution is metro-wide
  • We are committed to promoting our clients
  • Our consumer market base is upscale
  • Publication has a much longer life than newspaper
  • Entire publication is available online

Deadline: Really…do we need more stress in our lives? Call us now to sign up for our early bird specials and receive the best ad placement. By calling 770-460-5995, you can also find out about the exposure you’ll receive before the publication even hits the stands. If you’re ready to receive GREAT business exposure like the professionals on our Home Page, contact us and let’s get started.

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Your Market is Waiting…Are You Ready?

It may sound harsh, but it’s true: Businesses that fail to advertise – very often fail completely.

Advertising is a necessary investment for any business – new or seasoned. Unfortunately, many business owners neglect advertising for a variety of reasons, including cost and lack of advertising savvy. This is something that just shouldn’t happen because there are many ways to obtain affordable advertising.

If any business is to do well, people absolutely have to know that it exists. That means getting your name out and planting it in the mind of the consumer. You’ll need to explore lots of avenues to increase your exposure, including: word-of-mouth, radio, television, business publications, bulletin boards, classified ads, billboards, press releases, articles, newspapers, magazines, direct mail, seminars and advertising specialties. And don’t forget the Internet.

If your business caters to a high-end market, you’ll have to pay close attention to the company image you project. The people you want to reach are used to buying products and services that meet certain standards. Your advertising will have to indicate that your business meets or exceeds those standards, or consumers won’t consider using you at all.

A recent UCLA study showed that 85% of decisions are made with the eyes. Because a large part of your advertising will appear in print, you can’t cut corners when you create your advertising campaign. A poorly designed ad shouts, “We’re amateurs. Feel free to take a chance with us, but don’t expect much.” Potential customers will see a shoddy ad as a red flag indicating a substandard business, even if that’s not the case. You need professional ads with top-notch photography to compete in today’s global marketplace. If your budget is small, start small and build up over time. But always, always create professional-looking advertising.

And don’t expect instant results. Like farmers who plant and willingly wait for their crops to grow, you must be patient.

So…consider exactly what services you will perform, how you want to be perceived, and then create advertising that tells your story convincingly and professionally.

In order to attract the customers you want, take charge of your image today and you’re likely to see a better bottom line tomorrow!

People You Need to Know Magazine

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    I just received an email forwarded to me about your magazine. I am absolutely impressed, Love it! You have gained a new reader.


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