7 Tips to Building Confidence for Women in Business & Leadership


Women in business need confidence in order to succeed. Having a strong level of confidence means living a healthier, better leadership and business life. Here are 7 confidence building ideas for women in business and leadership.

1. Recognize Your Unique Talents. Having unique talents can mean being and feeling different from other people. For instance, you might have an unusually strong sense of intuition. You might be able to see a problem before others by putting loose ends together in your mind. Instead of seeing this as a detriment because no one else seems to be able to do the same thing, learn to recognize where you are different as a unique talent. Embrace your unique talents and use them to move your business to new heights and to be a stronger leader.

2. Use Personal Potential. Recognize that you have unusual personal potential. In reality, almost every person has the potential for brilliance in life, but few people really move outside of their small box that they grow accustomed to. Being a confident woman means trying new things. Take risks, go to new places, and make new contacts. Exercise your personal potential to build your levels of confidence.

3. Try New Things. This leads to the next point for building a stronger sense of confidence, which is to try new things. One reason people don’t have a lot of confidence is because of the lack of trying something that takes them out of their comfort zone. Try something new and unusual every day. Once you give something a try, it breaks the feelings of anxiety or fear from that thing. The power of that situation, thing, place, or person to control or limit you in some way evaporates once you give it a try.

4. Create Your Wealth. While that’s a statement with truth attached, you also need to know what it really means to create your wealth. You can only create your wealth when you know how. Knowing how requires knowing your real strengths. Women can function for years without ever really knowing their real strengths. Your confidence will soar when you know that you are working from your strengths. That is how you can confidently go about the activities necessary to create your wealth.

5. Embrace Your Power. Power is a good thing to have when you’re in business. Power gives you the ability to get things done. A confident woman in business must understand and embrace her power. Understanding power means knowing how to influence others to get things done. It also means knowing what to say, when to say it, and whom to say it to. There are obvious and not so obvious ways to deal with power and a confident businesswoman learns how these nuances work to increase her effectiveness.

6. Answer the Urge to Create. Confident women in business have creative minds and a creative mind is always finding ways to create new things. Creativity means being able to take things that might seem commonplace in everyday life and combine them in new ways. You come up with solutions by looking at situations from a different angle. It takes confidence to speak out when you have a new idea that runs contrary to normal thinking of the group you’re involved with on a daily basis.

7. Learn to Unblock. It takes confidence to face obstacles and go through them anyway. Every business professional will face obstacles; this is a normal part of business operations. But not everyone can look at those obstacles and decide to do what it takes to move through them to reach their intended goals. The confidence to do this comes in knowing that the best possible solution can be found. Seeking solutions in spite of the obstacles unblocks the barriers to success. Doing so is a true sign of confidence in business and leadership.

Being a confident woman in business and leadership is possible when you take the steps to maximize your confidence in business and leadership. You can practice being a powerful problem solver who excels with confidence in your profession. When needed, you can find the mentoring and assistance that will support your business and leadership efforts.


Consuelo Meux, PhD is a Mastermind Executive Coach/Consultant with expertise in personal and organization change strategies. She is an expert in women’s leadership styles and assists women to build the confidence to succeed in business and life. Women learn to embrace levels of confidence needed to maximize success and to live an authentic life on purpose. Go to the website to find out more.

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